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More than pond builders..


We offer our customers more than just pond building, we can supply nearly everything you need to ensure your pond runs perfectly every day. We also supply a wide range of treatments from NT Labs for your fish too. Also some good blanket weed treatments.


Whatever you need, give us a call and we will deliver it to your door. ( local area )


We also have access to wide range of filtration systems and vortex's to suit all size ponds and budgets.


Phone for best prices !!!!!


EA Nexus 210 / 310 filters

EA Nexus Easy Pod

EA Cetus sieve

Superbead filters

Hikari Foods

EA Foods

EA evo UVCs  

EA air pumps

Waterco bead filters with air pump

Sequence Pumps



Plus so much more at low prices, give us a call with your requirements.



Finally we offer other services to maintain your pond :


Pond cleaning


Filter cleaning


Water testing


Regular Maintainance contracts



Call for details



Stuart - 07903 114842 or 01268 786477


Email -   koipondconstruction@talktalk.net




Wide range of foods























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